Curriculum Vitea - Short Version

Mathijs ‘matesitox’ de Meijer

If you would like a full CV including work and personal history please contact me at

Who am I

I am a self-starting engineer with a wide skillset, broad interests and a focus on computing and sustainability.

I can analyze and solve complex problems, design+implement+operate software+hardware systems, lead - or work in - multidisciplinary engineering teams, self-educate, build a business case, recruit talented people, keep calm, carry a conversation, support a sales process, analyze large datasets and speak publicly.

I want to help solve meaningful problems with high quality technology and good people.

What I Can Do

As a software engineer I can

  • architect, design, implement, test, debug and maintain software systems (in C, Java, Lua, Python, Go, Bash, Javascript, Awk and I have an interest in learning Rust)
  • use agile development methods (SCRUM in the role of teammember, SCRUM-master, or product owner)
  • select, configure, use and administrate modern SVC systems (git, github, and gitlab) to manage code and the development process

As a Cloud Infrastructure Engineer I can

As an Engineering Leader I can

  • lead a multidisciplinary team in researching, analyzing and solving complex technical problems in service of a business strategy
  • manage multiple R&D projects and use RFC’s as an asynchronous, distributed problem solving method
  • outsource and manage hardware+software implementation projects to national or international parties
  • teach knowledge, skills and understanding to myself and others

As a Technical Manager / CTO I can

  • define and manage implementation of technical solutions to achieve business goals
  • set clear goals for tech intensive companies, teams and individuals (using OKR’s)
  • build a business case and communicate it in writing, presentations, conversations and pitches
  • recruit talented people by finding, interviewing, selecting, on-boarding and retaining high-quality high-tech people
  • manage external stakeholders by building and maintaining productive relationships

As a Human I can:

  • remain calm, reasonable, respectful and operational in difficult circumstances
  • give credit where credit is due
  • give and take critiques on ideas and behavior and not the person
  • seek to understand others first before being understood
  • care for my colleagues as fellow human beings
  • understand, speak, read and write native level dutch, fluent professional English, basic conversational Spanish fake German and terrible French

How I was educated

  • I graduated high school
  • I studied Applied Computer Science at TH Rijswijk
  • I studied Computer Science at Delft University of Technology

Where I worked

  • I freelanced as a GNU/Linux specialist
  • I taught courses in Object Oriented Programming at The Hague University of Applied Sciences
  • I worked as a Software Engineer and Teamlead at Plugwise
  • I worked as co-founder and CTO at Nerdalize

What I Value in my Work Environment

  • solving challenging, meaningful problems using hi-tech and highly competent people
  • reasonable flexibility in working hours and location because results matter more then presence
  • opportunity to learn new things because technology changes very fast and I stay effective by keeping up
  • a humane, sustainable work culture because productivity is an endurance sport